Top DevOps Companies in the USA

‘DevOps’ has been the A-list term for the last 10 years. You might find many definitions of DevOps and all of them are right. We at IT Svit think DevOps is an approach that allows teams to streamline, automate and […]

CS:GO Movement Techniques

The best guides on how to become a good Counter-Strike Global Offensive player include an analysis of the physics of movement in CS:GO and different techniques to help you learn how to control the spread of weapons, make perfectly accurate […]

Amtrak trip advantages

Travel by train can easily be called the most romantic way to travel. Since childhood we remember films with epic scenes on the train, we hear songs and poems about it. And the expression „your train is gone“ is perceived […]

Eye care products

Visual acuity disorder is quite widespread. The level of ophthalmological diseases increases by 4% annually. Every fourth pupil suffers from myopia, office workers have a common pathology is dry eye syndrome. The popularity of electronic devices – computers, smartphones, e-books […]

Outdoor advertising in a modern city

Advertising is information addressed to a generally undefined circle of people, encouraging them to perform an action, such as a purchase. Advertising has been popular before and will be popular for many years to come, but every year the types […]

What is an IR repeater

In everyday life, we are surrounded by a variety of different techniques and electrical appliances, for the convenience of which the remote controls are used. At the same time, there are more and more models in which it is possible […]