‘DevOps’ has been the A-list term for the last 10 years. You might find many definitions of DevOps and all of them are right. We at IT Svit think DevOps is an approach that allows teams to streamline, automate and optimize the software development process to deliver high-quality, customer-oriented products as fast as possible.

That’s why so many IT companies in the world are seeking ways to implement DevOps in their flow. If this is the case, you have two options. One is to develop your in-house DevOps team or at least hire a DevOps engineer for him to work on streamlining SDCL (software development lifecycle) phases. And one more option is to address a professional DevOps outsourcing company that provides services utilizing best DevOps practices. Here we present some great DevOps companies in USA you can turn to. 

ServerCentralTurningGroup — SCTG is a trusted provider of colocation, cloud, and disaster recovery services with a 20-year history of providing award-winning services. Their mission is simple yet audacious: To deliver on the promise of technology. 

CONTUS “Environment through DevOps” — CONTUS offers DevOps consulting services that deliver their clients’ applications faster with DevOps methodologies. Transform the way your team works by bridging the gap between development and operational services through a thorough DevOps infrastructure management. Implement DevOps for better communication & collaboration between teams.

8th Light “Software is your craft” — They craft software that drives their customers‘ business‘ success. They unlock the team’s potential and grow their impact with reliable software solutions. 8th Light experts help their clients embrace a culture of continual learning.

IT Svit. “Great ideas deserve great implementation!” It is a DevOps company that specializes in the delivery of stable, reliable and cost-efficient DevOps Services to companies in the USA and throughout the world. IT Svit professionals utilize the best DevOps practices, cloud features and tools to design, carry out and operate cost-effective cloud infrastructure together with automation of all the cycles.

Sogeti. “Making better, faster!” Part of the Capgemini Group, Sogeti operates in more than 100 locations globally. Working closely with clients and partners to take full advantage of the opportunities of technology, Sogeti can help you to manage the DevOps implementation and optimization of each of the three key elements of your digital transformation.

Stackoverdrive.io. “Adopt Modern DevOps Infrastructure Principals To Quickly Scale And Deploy Services!” Stackoverdrive.io helps companies create better products by welcoming automated, effective and synergetic working processes. Stackoverdrive.io specialists are ready to optimize any IT organization’s capabilities to automate its infrastructure to deliver high-quality software innovations faster. 

This list could be much longer, but you caught the main point — there are many DevOps outsourcing companies professional enough to provide any DevOps-related services you need. It might be setting up CI/CD pipelines for your team, migrating your infrastructure to the cloud or automating your SDLC — you’ll get it done. DevOps team will not only provide services but also support your team with necessary tech documentation. And even if your choice is to grow your own in-house DevOps team you might need consultations from experienced DevOps experts when you are still at the beginning of this fascinating journey. One way or another, you should know we are here to help you with any problem you have.