The best guides on how to become a good Counter-Strike Global Offensive player include an analysis of the physics of movement in CS:GO and different techniques to help you learn how to control the spread of weapons, make perfectly accurate shots, take advantage of specific situations and survive even in seemingly hopeless situations. You can also choose the best csgo case to make your game even brighter.

Movement Techniques

In CS:GO, movement is more important than aim or reaction. Nine times out of ten, when a player takes a shot, dies, and yells into the microphone: „I hit it!“, he loses because he didn’t consider the physics of movement. Let’s start with the most common mistake in CS:GO – shooting on the move. All rifles become uncontrollable if you shoot on the move. All you have to do is trick the game into thinking you are in a stationary state the moment you start shooting.

Motion Stop

Stopping motion, known as the „stop shot“ technique, is a technique that professional players use. Most PRO players use this technique and don’t even realize it, so much so that it has become a habit of theirs. The general idea is this: when you strafe out from behind a corner, sharply press the opposite direction key to stop the movement completely. The press should be very quick and brief. If you hold the key too long, instead of stopping completely, you will start moving in the opposite direction. This trick should be done quickly, then the opponent will not even realize that you stopped. Go to an empty server and practice this technique near the wall. Shoot at some point on the wall, and focus on stopping while making your shots. When you’ve mastered this technique, you’ll be able to move back and forth while making perfectly accurate shots.

Movement Lanes

Every map has „safe routes“ for movement. There are paths, moving along which you can be attacked by the enemy from only one corner. The principle of moving along an inside lane. When you are moving forward, press against the side from which a threat is possible. The only exception to this rule is if you play with the AWP. Tactics for playing with an AWP are a separate topic in our conversation.

Advancing terrorists by length on Dust2 is a classic example of using the inside lane. If you use this tactic, the enemy will have to lean out of cover completely to see you. Then the chances of reacting to the enemy’s appearance increase significantly. Many newcomers to the game run along the outside lane, naively believing that in this case, they will be able to see the enemy first. A few bullets in front of their eyes is probably the only thing they will see first in this situation.

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