Targeted advertising is a reliable and serious player in the Instagram promotion market. However, the question often arises – how to work with it? What to do if the targeting does not bring the expected results? You’ve already mastered Facebook Ads Manager and the ads are shown, but you want real results – conversions, new subscribers and sales. Consider a few simple ways to improve targeting advertising without involving a specialist or incurring any expenses at all. After all, if at the first stage you can buy instagram followers, then further you need to think about attracting live active followers, who will develop your brand and bring profit.

Add dynamics to your ad

The video format continues to gain momentum and has already superseded static images in all respects. But it is either complicated or expensive to make your own commercial. And this is true for most areas. However, there are simple ways to create animated images that will look presentable and be able to stand out against the background of boring static ads.

Keep simple records

Anyone can do basic information analytics and you’re no exception. After all, we all live in the information age. Get yourself a table in Excel and start writing down the simplest statistics in it. For example, a table for an online store may consist of the following columns.

  • Date.
  • Expense. The amount spent that day. You can see the expenses for any day on the Ads Manager start page.
  • Clicks. The number of clicks on your ad. Also, available on the start page of the Ads Manager.
  • Price per click. The expense/number of clicks.
  • Referrals. How many hits you got on that day.
  • Sales. How many sales there were on that day.
  • Sales price. Expense/number of sales that day.
  • Change history. Brief notes on what you changed in the ad. Changed the video, changed the text, chose a different age of the target audience. The comments in this column will help you draw conclusions about what gets more results.

This is an example of basic data appropriate for any aspiring Instagram store. Fill out the table, draw conclusions, and don’t forget that for more accurate results, any change should be tested over a distance.

Peek at your competitors

Instagram doesn’t hide information about accounts that advertise. And you can look at the ads that any other Instagram user runs. To do this, open the profile of interest. It can be any competitor found in recommendations or through search. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and check the Account Info. Such a menu item is available for any account that places targeted ads on Instagram, as well as for those accounts that simply have great reach (Popular Profiles). Then you just have to click on Active Ads. That’s where you can see any ad for the feed or Stories that the owner of that account runs.

Sign up for a consultation with a Facebook specialist

Facebook periodically sends out notifications about free consultations with marketing experts. These emails go to the email to which your Facebook account is linked. You must have an active Instagram or Facebook ad campaign to get such an email. Check your mail periodically, and if you get such a message – bravely sign up for the selected date and time. At the appointed time, they will call you and ask about your project and goals and give you advice on how to set up your ads. What’s more – at the end of the dialogue, they will most likely offer to call again in a couple of weeks to discuss the results after the changes have been made. This will help you get more real instagram followers and increase your income on this social network.