Visual acuity disorder is quite widespread. The level of ophthalmological diseases increases by 4% annually. Every fourth pupil suffers from myopia, office workers have a common pathology is dry eye syndrome. The popularity of electronic devices – computers, smartphones, e-books and other gadgets, causes rejuvenation of ophthalmological problems. You can buy eye products here

Pathogenic factors

The growing demand for contact vision correction (with contact lenses) requires the use of drops for moisturizing and removing eye irritation. Even the most modern lenses are a foreign body in the eye, to which the body reacts accordingly, like any implant. Economical bulbs, white light bulbs, TV screens, computer and cell phone monitors emit blue light, which is considered extremely dangerous to the visual analyzer. If you do not use preventive measures, you can not only buy myopia, dry eye syndrome, but also completely lose sight.

The correct selection of drugs for the treatment of eyes will help to maintain visual acuity and health of the visual apparatus. In addition, eye diseases may be caused:

  1. inherited pathologies;
  2. high physical and psychological stress;
  3. eating disorders;
  4. bad habits and low mobility;
  5. some systemic diseases;
  6. taking some groups of medicines;
  7. age-related dystrophic and degenerative changes;
  8. vascular pathology.

Poisoning, traumatic injuries, use of poor quality cosmetics for the eyes (in women) can provoke visual acuity disorder. Eye diseases are not always the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. In men engaged in strength sports, a lot of exercise in the gym, also often identify eye diseases.

Groups of drugs for eyes

Medicinal products for eye treatment can be divided into the following groups conditionally:

  • antiglaucomatics;
  • anticholinergic;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antibacterial and antifungal;
  • antiallergic.

For those who prefer contact lenses of scheduled replacement (2-12 months), we recommend:

  1. solutions for storage, cleaning, rinsing the lenses;
  2. eye moisturizing drops.

Eye treatment is carried out with both local action and systemic medications. In order to prevent violations, special vitamin and mineral complexes, dietary supplements, phytopreparations are produced.

Where to buy?

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