You have a lot of high quality photos and videos. So how do you invite your subscribers? Of course, you can use the service for that. We reveal chips that no one talks about. Writing comments on popular accounts works in all social networks. Because users of social networks read comments! If they are interested in your comment, the probability that they will move and subscribe to your account is huge. Follow the next 5 steps for promotion.

  1. Find a list of accounts that have many subscribers in your industry or your region. Usually 30 to 200 different accounts with over 10,000 subscribers are enough.
  2. Write comments under their publications, preferably in the first 24 hours after publication (at this time the audience is the most active).
  3. Comments should not sell, criticize, be templates or send out links. The sole purpose of comments is to supplement the content with useful information and help people. Write 2-3 sentences that will bring more value to this publication.
  4. Read the user questions that are asked under each publication and give answers to them. Account holders are busy people, they do not have time to answer questions. Do the work for them and take the subscribers with you.
  5. After each useful comment, add the phrase „I talk about it a lot in my account“. I’ll tell you right away, it’s not always possible to add it, because some accounts may be banned, but usually it doesn’t happen if your comment is helpful in general. This phrase encourages users to open your account.

The same methods work in Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube. The problem with many people writing comments is that they are trying to sell themselves or send out a template message in bulk. It hasn’t worked for a while. People hate templates, the audience in social media doesn’t like to buy. Take into account the mood of the users. Just help people, then you’ll get interested in yourself. Users are always wondering who wrote a helpful comment. They’ll come to you and subscribe to you.

Use other resources

Do not focus only on Instagram to promote your account. Use other social media – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Use forums and other popular places in your audience. In addition to social media, add information to your website. When you post content in other social media, add links to your Instagram account. Users of social media are the same people, but with different intentions. It will be easier for some people to get your content in another social media. Additionally, promote interesting posts with paid advertising on Facebook. On forums, moderators look closely at external links that they post for promotion purposes.

Links to social media are less moderated, so they are easier to post along with your content. It is important that these links look organic. Also add links to your own website to make it easier for users to contact you in a way that is convenient for them. If you do guest posting, leave a link to Instagram when you do it. 

Trend is the center of attention

Trends appear and disappear all the time. The moment they gain in popularity is the golden bottom for marketers. Compare trends and events with your installation account. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with an interesting idea for your publications. You need to think carefully about what will interest your audience. The best thing is the current trends, what everyone has heard. It is important to compare popular chips with your content. One of the options to present a new trend is stories. If you feed your audience with banal events, they will no longer be interested in opening your stories. Tie this to some trends that most, if not all, discuss.

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