Advertising is information addressed to a generally undefined circle of people, encouraging them to perform an action, such as a purchase. Advertising has been popular before and will be popular for many years to come, but every year the types of advertising, as well as its number is constantly increasing. Modern city can no longer be imagined without advertising, which creates an image and an attractive view of the city. Advertising in ancient times, most often was oral, when traders lured customers to their counter, later began to use signs, and even later actively used advertising in newspapers, printed advertising posters, etc. 

But today more attention is drawn to dynamic advertising, more and more popular among advertisers video boards, running lines, etc. The more colorful, dynamic and original advertising, the more benefits it can bring. According to the latest research, static advertising is less and less often remembered, and bright and dynamic images from commercials on the contrary stay in memory for a long time. You can order the production of any advertising products from professionals on the site

Traditionally, outdoor advertising in major cities is different not only in quality but also in size. Among the popular types of outdoor advertising: roof installations, brandmauers, LED screens and billboards. Placement of outdoor advertising is controlled by the city authorities, they do not only monitor the number of advertising structures, as well as checking for compliance with accepted quality standards. Among the main principles that form the basis of advertising control in the city – the aesthetic appearance, quality and orderliness of manufactured structures.

Outdoor advertising: types and tasks

The development of Internet technologies today has redistributed advertising budgets, but outdoor advertising is still considered an effective way to communicate with consumers. Among the most common: advertising on billboards, city-lights, signs, roof installations, etc. Further in the article we will briefly review some of them.

  1. Billboards – advertising structures that are installed along highways and highways, as well as in the city on avenues and streets with busy traffic. On high-speed routes of a steel recently to establish designs of the big sizes. Most often advertising placed on them is designed for drivers and passengers, communication time – 2-5 seconds.
  2. City-lights – light advertising structures, which are installed mainly in the central part of the city or on streets with a large stream of pedestrians. Different sizes can be used. Today, city-lights are no longer just elements of outdoor advertising, because they are very actively used in shopping centers and entertainment. 
  3. Signs are a universal type of outdoor advertising, which is both a pointer, and advertising and information field. Often sign boards are made in the form of a logo or trademark. Signboards can be made both light and no, light especially favourable look in a dark time of day. You can order excellent signs at
  4. Stands are advertising constructions which are established in immediate proximity to object where the main information is placed: the work schedule, the list of services, passing actions, etc. Most often, stands are produced in a small format, but there are exceptions as well. Stands are designed mainly for passers-by. 
  5. Trolls are advertising stretch marks, which can be found above roads. The main audience of such advertising structures – drivers, but in preparation for the layout, you should remember that the impact on the audience most often does not exceed a few seconds.