The best way to show the usage of proxy servers in SMM is to do it on the example of Instagram account promotion. Private proxies on Instagram and other social networks will provide fast multi-threaded work of any bot or service to promote this network. An important aspect for doing business in social networks is the purchase of private proxies. Paid IP guarantee a permanent connection, even when problems occur they will be fixed just in a few minutes. In addition, the acquisition of an individual IP is considered a safe and reliable solution to the problem of promotion on Instagram without access blocking. You can select reliable proxies on this website

Often, various failures, such as disabling a proxy, incorrect subscription / unsubscribing and liking, are due to the fact that the proxies are not individual, which means that at the same time you will be activated by some other users. As a result, the user can be completely or temporarily blocked and will not be able to access to the Instagram, since any excess of the limits can be perceived by the administration of Instagram as spam.

If the problems described above are familiar to you and you want to set much higher standards for yourself, then you should promote your Instagram or your account on another social network using reliable private proxies.

The tangible benefits in this case are obvious:

  • access control is issued only to one owner;
  • the main goal is to replace your real IP address with another one;
  • low server load of private proxy increases the speed of response, so its use will help to increase the number of subscribers, likes, comments, reviews without a ban.

How to promote Instagram with a proxy?

The most important is the speed of IP. Promotion on Instagram using mass-following and liking requires the use of special programs, so the proxy must have a stable high response speed without slowing down the software. In some cases you may need exactly USA proxy, which can be found here

The second component, which provides reliable promotion, is a type of proxy (private ones are clearly more advantageous than free ones). Account blocking depends on access to the IP-address of unauthorized persons, therefore all data should be only from the owner. “Mass-following,” as the title implies, is a way to promote on Instagram, using mass subscriptions to replenish the list of readers on your insta blog. If you have high-quality content, then the user is likely to subscribe in response and will thus become your follower.

Liking photos of other users is called “mass-liking”. This procedure is similar to mass-following. If a person enters your profile, becoming interested in someone who likes his photos, looks at the content and sees something interesting for himself, then the chance for any response actions increases: like and subscription to an account. But if he doesn’t become active, then his transition will affect the profile viewability statistics.

It is clearly advantageous to acquire private proxies, which guarantee stability, as an account on a mass follow-up can work almost round the clock, bypassing the limitations of the social network. But even using personal proxies, you should follow certain rules. For one account – one IP. This approach completely eliminates the page lock.

Benefits of promoting an account on Instagram with proxy servers

Promotion of Instagram with private proxy servers allows you to save time on the following actions:

  • bulk post likes, view and add posts in target posts and comments;
  • subscriptions to subscribers / groups with an unlimited number of recipients, blocking inactive subscribers, unlimited subscription subscribers in Instagram;
  • manage multiple accounts.

But why do you need private proxies instead of just using special software? The answer is on the surface – when you try to login from multiple accounts with the same IP, you can get not only a temporary but also a permanent ban, without the possibility of recovery.