Globally, online gambling business has gained record growth, and today gambling, according to statistics conducted by H2Gambling Capital research firm, increased revenues from games in this format in 2018 totaled 45 billion euros. For comparison, in 2009 the rate of return was kept around 17 billion euros. Thus, in ten years, growth has generally exceeded 147%. According to the expert group of Slotegrator, the main trends in the development of gambling in recent years have been many factors.

Customer Accessibility

The Internet industry is rapidly conquering the world, online services technologies are easily accessible for millions of users, among whom the younger generation predominates. According to research by Bambling Commission, in 2016, youth under the age of 24 in the UK accounted for 33% of the total number of online players. It should be noted that the number of women who have become active casino users has increased significantly. If you are going to plunge into the world of online casinos, then it is very important to find a good bookmaker who can guarantee the security of your account, stable payments and a wide variety of games. PinUp betting is a luxury casino where you can find not only free spins, but also experiment with sports betting, which can be an additional source of income.


High-speed mobile Internet at an affordable price, combined with the ubiquitous use of various gadgets, allowed to develop a wide range of mobile gambling, which is in no way inferior to the usual online casinos in the range of games offered, but at the same time has an advantage easier and faster to use.

3D-graphics and entertainment games

Modern technologies of graphic design in high resolution have become available for mobile devices thanks to high-speed Internet, which made gambling even more colorful and exciting. Since 2010, 3D graphics have been actively used in gambling, making available volumetric images on mobile devices. At the same time, in programming, a gradual transition from Flash technology to HTML5 was realized, which made it possible to use scalable vector graphics and animation effects in the game software, while increasing the clarity and brightness of the image. These features have improved the adaptation of the image to the size of the screen of the mobile device, while at the same time ensuring stable operation in any browser.

The development of business technology

The maximum benefit from the use of innovative technologies allows the introduction of the blockchain technology into the online casino operation in order to most effectively manage the rapidly developing gambling business. The most important factor in this technology was the possibility of open control over the operations. This policy has significantly increased the business reputation of online gambling, showing that casinos using blockchain do not have the ability to manipulate the game and do not affect the results of winnings. Thus, online gambling has become as transparent as possible, and information is exchanged with high speed and with a high degree of confidence.

Payment instruments

Cryptocurrency today is the most reliable and completely anonymous type of payment for settlements on gambling sites. The technology of the blockchain, in this case, has allowed to improve the methods of transactions between players and casinos. The most common currency in recent years has become Bitcoin, helped by the rapid growth of its popularity since 2015. However, this does not interfere with the conduct of calculations based on the results of the game in other cryptocurrencies, such as etherium, litecoin, and many others.