The main advantages of permanent eyebrow tattoo:

Lack of time spent on the correction of the shape and giving the desired shade to the eyebrows.

Convenience. Even when exposed to moisture and high temperatures, the eyebrows will always look flawless.

Long-lasting result. Prerequisites: performance of work with high-quality materials, correct application technique, adherence to the recommendations of the master.

You can correct the natural shape, add thickness or change the colour of the eyebrows.

Any defect can be corrected with a tattoo.

Pros and cons of the procedure

It is worth noting that permanent eyebrow tattooing, like any procedure, has not only advantages but also disadvantages that must take into account before visiting a master:

The dye used in the permanent process can clog pores and harm new hair growth. If permanent tattooing is done, hairs may completely stop growing in some areas.

The need to injure the skin is always associated with the risk of infection. That is why choosing a salon, and a master should do with great care.

An inexperienced or insufficiently skilled artisan can make mistakes when applying the pigment, negatively affecting the result. It is tough to correct a fresh permanent, and sometimes it is simply impossible.

After the pigment has completely disappeared, the skin may take on a light yellow or light pink hue. If this is very conspicuous, the tattoo procedure will have to repeat.

Contraindications to tattooing

Permanent eyebrow tattooing, in contrast to temporary colouring, is a rather painful procedure.

Contraindications to tattooing

Permanent make-up  prohibited for people with the following diseases and pathologies:

Poor blood clotting.


Acute inflammatory processes in the body, accompanied by fever or general malaise.

Tendency to form keloid scars. Even though the skin is injured by only 0.8 mm, the risk of keloid scarring arises in the post-procedural period (with improper care or intervention in the healing process).

Mental disorder and epilepsy.

Malignant tumours.

High blood pressure. Pigment application can only be started after the performance has stabilized.

The first trimester of pregnancy.

Herpes virus.

Allergic reactions. Before the procedure, it is necessary to exclude allergy to pigments.

Skin diseases in the eyelids, bridge of the nose or eyebrows.

The choice of pigment and eyebrow shape

The bend of the eyebrows, their thickness and pigment colour are always selected individually by the master. As a professional in his field, he takes into account the colour type, face shape, and other features, after which he draws a sketch and shows it to the client for approval. According to the generally accepted rule, the colour of the eyebrows should not be more than three shades darker than the hair.

The choice of shape depending on the type of face.

It is best to choose an upward shape with a moderate curvature for the owner of a round face It must be remembered that arched eyebrows will make a face even rounder, so it recommended to refuse this option.

The ideal option for an oval-shaped face would be straight eyebrows with a slight bend, slightly removed from the bridge of the nose.

For the visual correction of the triangular shape of the face, it recommended choosing arched eyebrows. The most critical parameter for selecting the body of the eyebrows for a square look is thickness. In this case, it advised to abandon the „threads“ and focus on naturalness. For those with square faces, arched eyebrows with a raised tip are ideal.

Which pigment should you choose?

For the shade of the eyebrows to be in harmony with the client’s colour type, we recommend adhering to the following tips:

Dark brown pigments work best with dark hair.

The best option for girls with blond hair is grey-brown tones. Greyish shades will help emphasize the beauty of ash curls.

Brown-haired women with dark skin may well complement their image with eyebrows of a dark shade. In all other cases, it recommended that they collect a shadow at least one tone lighter than the hair colour.

For red-haired beauties, it is better to abandon too dark eyebrows and pay attention to the palette of brown shades.

Light brown hair harmonizes well with brown eyebrows. The shine of golden blond hair can emphasize brown-golden colours, but for owners of dark blond curls, both brown and dark brown pigments are perfect.

What are the dangers of using too dark dyes? If the paint quality leaves much to be desired, then after the procedure, the pigmented areas of the skin may acquire a blue, greenish or purple tint. Even dark-haired girls with dark skin are unlikely to fit black eyebrows – they will only make the image heavier and make it vulgar. For burning brunettes, a mix of dark brown, grey and olive shades most often used. The resulting colour looks harmonious on girls of the type in a question and retains its beauty even after a long time.

And a few more recommendations:

The shade selection should always carry out individually. Sometimes, it better for a blonde to choose a dark brown colour because this shade, like no other, can emphasize the shine of brown eyes.

If the hair on the client’s head is different shades, the colour of the pigment matched the tone of the roots.

Straight eyebrows are suitable for those with small facial features, while on girls with extensive features, eyebrows of moderate density look harmonious.

Rejuvenating tattoo: myth or reality? For older clients, it not recommended to choose an arched eyebrow, as this will make the eyes smaller and give the face a surprised look. Another nuance is the distance from the bridge of the nose. It shouldn’t be too small. The best option is to perform permanent eyebrow tattooing using the hair method with a slight lift of the tips.