Slots machines – the part of gambling

Slot machines is definitely the part of gambling But what is gambling online? How are the slot machines arranged and why is it so popular with casino visitors? Let’s begin this article with the fact that the very first casino […]

Giving Back – It’s Good Business

“I’m always happy to donate and feel it’s incumbent upon any successful business to do so,” says Peggy Washburn, world exhibited photographer and artist. “Helping others and giving back to the community gives me the opportunity to meet new people […]

Barbecue Sauces for Any Taste!

Cookouts are a staple of the summer, but no matter what you throw on the grill, the type of barbecue sauce you use is what’s going to take your meal to the next level. And if you want to take […]

Advertising with Amazon

Chances are, you are among the 300 million people who buy products from Amazon. But even if you’re one of the rare few who don’t, a large segment of your customer base most likely does—and that makes Amazon Ads a […]

MacLeod: How the ad industry can help kill fake news

Last month Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress and apologized for his company’s mishandling of such issues as data privacy, for the proliferation of fake news and for allowing private companies like Cambridge Analytica unauthorized access to data. Zuckerberg […]

Seven Appeal Strategies For Your Advertising Campaigns

Regardless of what product or service you’re marketing, it’s vital to understand your audience—and understand what motivates them. The following seven appeals are the most common psychological strategies advertisers use to reach their target audience and persuade them to buy. […]

Five Steps to a Successful Marketing Launch

Just as you need an effective overall marketing plan to raise awareness about your company, you need an effective plan to launch specific products, services or events. The following steps can help with a successful launch, increase awareness and gain great […]

Earth Day Dilemma

Every day should be Earth Day. If knowing the “Big Plastic Island in the Pacific” has grown to more than 600,000 square miles (about three time the size of France and twice the size of Texas) doesn’t motivate you to […]